Why I Quit Beachbody After 5 Years – My Story

I’m finally sitting down to write my story after 5 months.  Gosh, where do I even start?

Beachbody coaching was such a HUGE part of my life for 5 years.  This is not a post to bash a company I used to stand behind and love.  But, many of my friends and followers still ask me WHY I chose to quit Beachbody.  Why would an 8 Star Diamond, 2x Elite coach who was at the top 0.05% of the company and earning 6-figures per year decide to leave?  I don’t think there is ONE short answer.  So, I’ll share the whole story here.  My intention is to be truthful; to share my honest story…the good AND the not-so-good, and what led me to where I am NOW. <3

First, let me share the positives:

**I love Beachbody workouts.  I’ve tried many others, and I do believe Beachbody workouts deliver results for those who follow them consistently.  I still use the workouts daily.
**I do think Shakeology is a quality product.  I personally don’t drink it anymore because I follow a keto nutrition plan and Shakeology is a bit high in carbs, but I do think Shakeology helps a lot of people in many different health-related ways.
**I learned so much about social media, networking with new people, and how to run an online business because of Beachbody.  I wanted my business to grow, so I spent a ton of time researching Google and Youtube to learn many new skills that I can carry with me in any business ventures I choose to pursue.
**I met so many friends during my time with Beachbody, and we took some pretty amazing vacations.  Memories were made.
**I was introduced to the world of personal development.  I am a better person 5 years later because of personal development.

Everything I shared with you all about the products and my experiences during my 5 years as a Team Beachbody coach was exactly how I felt; my authentic thoughts, experiences, and feelings.

So, what happens when something you once loved turns into something that brings you chronic stress and anxiety?

This didn’t happen overnight, and my decision was not an spur of the moment decision either.  I spent the last year of my business observing company changes, trying to adapt and stay positive, uplifting my discouraged teammates, speaking with other leaders who felt the same struggles as I did, voicing my suggestions to corporate without being heard, watching our income plummet, and questioning if I wanted to stay with this company forever.  It was exhausting.

Here were my personal thoughts and concerns leading up to my decision to leave Beachbody.  This info is not meant to bash the company.  These are my honest *opinions* and MY personal experiences as a Top Team Beachbody coach.

Lack of Company VISION
and where we were headed as a company made me question if corporate had a real plan.  And, after reading some of the reviews on Glassdoor from the employees at Beachbody corporate, I think my concerns were right on.

Product Launches, or Lack-there-of
I remember attending one of my last Summits (the biggest conference of the year), eager to know which new product was releasing that was going to boost sales and help my teammates.  The CEO was standing on stage with a box on a podium, building the momentum to release this “new product”.  He opened the box, and it was empty. **womp womp**  He went on to say that we sell ourselves as coaches – WE create the demand; not the products.  While some coaches found his speech motivating, I was less than impressed (understatement).  My first thought – I call BS.   We sold ourselves and our coaching services every single day on social media.   The demand slowed down.  Businesses need to continue to be innovative and consistently launch new products people actually want.  THAT creates demand.

Company “Pains”
When Beachbody switched from selling DVD’s to selling BOD (Beachbody on Demand), the amount of commissions/bonuses lowered as a result.  The market was becoming saturated, and we were working harder, spinning our wheels, and making less income.  New coaches were not seeing the same success and income compared to when I started coaching.  When I left Beachbody, there were over 400,000 coaches.  Now, there are approx. 370,000 coaches.  The coach network isn’t growing…it’s declining. Customers were only staying on our highest residual product, Shakeology, for less than 3 months which made residual income difficult or impossible to build.  Our leadership Facebook groups were full of concerns, worry, and leaders complaining their incomes were dropping and team morale was low.  These were leaders in the company that I looked up to; leaders who appeared from the outside to be “so successful and have it all together”.  And, they were struggling and stressed out.  Seeing that made me think, “THAT kind of life was not something I wanted to work hard for”.  As incomes were plumme
ting and new ideas to boost sales and team morale were not working, many coaches (including myself) were looking for other income opportunities or part time jobs.

The Policies and Procedures Changed
Beachbody changed their policies and procedures to enforce that coaches were no longer allowed be a part of any other network marketing companies.  I feel this was a fear-based decision.  Beachbody saw that coaches were diving into other work-from-home opportunities, and they were leaving Beachbody because they were seeing more success with other companies.  As a believer in entrepreneurship and multiple streams of income, this didn’t sit well with me.  And, neither did this new policy that popped up in our “breaking news” in our coach online office:

“Beachbody reserves the right to terminate all coach agreements in the event that it elects to discontinue disbributing its products via direct selling”??  This made me question Beachbody’s future plan for the coach network.  Of course, Beachbody corporate said this was always a policy; it just happened to show up as a “new policy” in our breaking news.  Fishy.

Other Ongoing Issues
Customer service was a nightmare (Beachbody was just fined $3.6 million dollars).
Website crashes and glitches (especially during product launches)
Beachbody competed with their own network of coaches (image below – corporate never responded to my post):

Plummeting Income and Discouraged Team
This was the final straw for me.  Seeing our income drop over 40% within one year just didn’t make sense.  And, while we were still making great income, my teammates’ incomes dropped significantly as well.  Seeing them looking for other income opportunities, part time jobs, and seeing them do everything they were “supposed” to be doing to hit financial goals, yet not seeing success broke me.   They were unhappy and  stressed…and, so was I.  “Work harder, help more people” wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Personal Reasons 
I loved challenge groups and helping women achieve their goals, but they were very time consuming and took time away from my family.  
I wanted to stand behind a company and product consumers need that could really impact their lives – not only weight loss…but, overall health.
I didn’t support the lack of duplication within Beachbody.  Many top coaches spend thousands of dollars in ads to continue to top the charts.  Some don’t, but many do.  This wasn’t duplicatable for 99% of people who join network marketing to make a side income.
I wanted a business that wasn’t solely based around my results and body image.
I lost trust and belief in Beachbody as a business.
I was looking for a business I could see myself working, not just in my 20’s and 30’s, but a business that grows as I get older; a long-term opportunity. 

What Happened
Let me set the record straight.  I chose to test the waters of a new company.  After 3 weeks, I was a believer and just knew it was a good fit for me and my family.  It wasn’t time consuming, allowed us more time to LIVE life, the company is debt-free, has a product majority of people already purchase weekly, and the product has a 90%+ retention rate.  NO BRAINER.  The website works seamlessly, customer service is great, and corporate listens.  The company is a newer network marketing company, so it’s not saturated.  And, it’s fun!!  After testing out the waters, Beachbody compliance contacted me.  They told me that I could either quit my new company and recommit to Beachbody 100%, OR my account AND my husband’s account would be terminated.  So, they didn’t want to just take MY business…they wanted to take my husband’s 6-figure earning business too?  Why?  Not because he was a part of my new business with me (he was not), but simply because he resides in the same household as me.  I’m not sure if Beachbody’s goal was to control me or if it was cut expenses.  Either way…that sounds to me like they treat their coaches as employees instead of independent contractors.  Terminating both of us just saved them over $250,000+ per year.

The Aftermath and How I know I made the Right Decision
When I left Beachbody, I realized who my true friends were.  Some stuck by my side, and some spread untrue rumors, unfriended me, and blocked me.  Funny how differently you are treated when you’re no longer making certain people money anymore! 😉 #justbeinghonest
The CEO went above and beyond to try to discredit and mock my new business.  I’m sure he was hoping if he spoke condescendingly about it, coaches wouldn’t consider leaving to join too (which many have).  

So, there it is.  The whole story. 
Do I regret leaving?  No.
Starting over may not be the easiest option, but it’s the BEST option (for me).
Money doesn’t = Success.  Happiness does.

xo – Lindsey




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  1. Oh Girl! I feel ya. I was in Beachbody for 7 years. I had the exact same experience. So true that we find out who our true friends are. Best of luck to you😊

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