Everything is Figureoutable.

Last week, I shared my story about why I left Beachbody after 5 years.  It definitely wasn’t a decision we made on a whim.  We knew we were giving up my 6-figure income, but we didn’t realize Beachbody would take Nick’s business and income too.  We took a HUGE financial hit.  We were forced to solely rely on Nick’s real estate business, my new home based business that was beginning to grow, and we were also prepared to make some major lifestyle changes.  We were ok with that.  We saw the bigger picture.

We didn’t expect hurricane Irma to plow through our city, declaring it a “disaster area”, and stalling the real estate market.  Gah!  Talk about timing, right??  Between evacuating expenses, home repairs (that are STILL not finished), and no real estate income coming in…life felt like it was flipped upside down.

We went from having everything we could possibly ever want or need, whenever we wanted it…to pinching every penny.  I went through every bank statement to check which reoccurring payments were coming out monthly so I could cancel everything I could.  We cancelled cable.  We went through our home and sold everything we no longer needed on local FB buy/sell groups, Craigslist, and eBay.  We sold our golf cart which had so many family memories attached to it.  Nick even traded in his 4Runner for a Tundra with a lower truck payment.  I started paying attention to BOGO’s at Publix.  I swore off Amazon Prime.  When we went out to dinner, the kids shared a meal, and so did we.  

You know what I realized? 

Everything is Figureoutable.
Everything happens for a reason, and we needed to be humbled.  We needed to be reminded that some people live like this every day.  I want to prove to people that it’s possible to pull yourself OUT of tough times.  And, I’m willing to work hard in my new company – I need to prove to myself that I can do it again.  And, I know I will.

STUFF is just STUFF.
And, honestly, I’m happier without all of it.  When you don’t have “too much”, you appreciate what you do have…so much more.   Even things like lighting candles throughout the house – I never appreciated it, but now it’s something I look forward to.  Oh, and free wine.  I didn’t appreciate that until we cut our budget either!  I’m still weeding through the house, getting rid of things, and thinking about downsizing our home.  We’d rather save more money, invest, travel and experience more, and create more memories – rather than simply having “more things”.  I’m starting to understand why people choose to live as minimalists.

Relationships get Stronger during Tough Times, and Families get Closer.
I’m proud of us.  It’s been stressful.  There have been tears.  But, we’ve stuck together.  My husband is a freakin ROCKSTAR rebuilding momentum in his real estate business, and he’s such a huge SUPPORT system for me.  The kids are finally realizing money doesn’t grow on trees – I know, it’s terrible – just being honest.  I think this has been good for them, too.

Mindset is Everything.
“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”  Sometimes when everything seems like it’s not going right, you have to FIND the GOOD.  There’s a bigger plan for your life.  You may not always understand WHY things happen, but there’s always a gift or a lesson – don’t overlook it. <3

Beachbody may have taken our income, but we won’t let them take our spirit, our future, and our love for life.

xo – Lindsey

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  1. This is beautifully raw and honest. I believe this will be a good testimony for your success, but more important your life and strength of your family.
    I don’t think there is a Hurrican strong enough to tear y’all apart!

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