Update on us! It’s been awhile…

I am so happy.  I truly mean that.  And, it’s funny…the “happiest times” of my life (aside from being a carefree child, getting married to my best friend, and having children which I couldn’t imagine life without) should have been when I felt the “most successful”, right?   But, what IS success?  “Success” is relative….

I knew I didn’t want a life where we were living paycheck to paycheck…or, a life where we couldn’t pay the bills at all.  Money isn’t everything, but NOT having money can be stressful.  But, we’ve also experienced the corporate life.  Climbing the ladder of “success”.  Each rung you climbed and achievement gained meant more responsibilities, more overtime work hours, and more time spent with your “work family” and minimal time spent when the people who were supposed to mean the most in your life.  

A home based business helped us make the income we needed to turn our financial situation around, retire my husband from his corporate job, and live a life of freedom.  We bought a home we never thought we’d ever have by the age of 30, took vacations to places most people could only dream of, bought things we wanted (or didn’t even really want?) without thinking what was in our bank account – it was surreal. 

But, it *wasn’t exhilarating.  Honestly, I can’t explain it. 

I’m a grateful person.  I’m always grateful for everything we have in life.  Material things don’t mean much to me – they don’t define me.  If anything, I started feeling like MORE material things I had…brought me more STRESS.  

When we left our Beachbody income…things were great.  Between my new business and Nick’s…we had all that we needed.  Until “life happened“.

We lost a lot.  I threw myself a pity party.  I felt depressed and numb.  Not because we were “losing stuff”, but because the LIFE WE WORKED SO HARD TO BUILD was being TAKEN away from us.  Because the way it happened wasn’t FAIR or right.  

Wondering what happened?  Check out my Beachbody Story….

Within the past few months, we’ve had to figure things out to make things work so our family didn’t struggle.  We’ve had to use the skills we’ve gained from everything we’ve learned through business and put it to use!!   And, we’ve had FUN doing it!   Nick has been doing business consulting meetings, zoom online meetings, and phone calls which have helped so many people build their businesses.  I’ve been helping fellow network marketers with tips to grow their businesses and helping them with website/blog setup (since many have asked).  Things we never saw ourselves doing to make income…but, we’ve found passion doing these things!!

Helping daddy with marketing for our local golf course community restaurant!! It’s always been the kid’s fav place to eat since we moved to Cape – and, since Nick has been doing the FB marketing and spreading the word… the place is THRIVING!!!! 

So much has happened within the past 7 months.  I’m not sure if it’s the holistic anxiety supplements I’m taking or what (def a game changer for me!!)….but, I’m the happiest I’ve felt in the past few months.  I talk to my mom today, and she said, “You sound happier than you have in a long time”.  And, it’s weird…I’m still dealing with so much right now, but my mindset is so ready to take it all on.  I feel like quitting Beachbody alleviated so much stress I didn’t even know I was harboring inside of me.  I’ve learned how to lessen my workload and take on work-at-home projects that spark my creativity and bring me JOY.  

“Success” is relative.  But, to me….”success” is being truly HAPPY.   Don’t stay STUCK.  When you decide to LIVE, you may find out things you never knew about yourself…

Still more exciting news to come….

xo- Lindsey

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