Update – My Journey to Happiness and Purpose

There’s something truly therapeutic about journaling your thoughts.  You all see the excitement on my Facebook page, but my blog is a place for me to think, reflect, and share the “behind the scenes” type of things.  Blogging is really more for my own sanity, but feel free to read if you wish… <3

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for me; they have been full of research, soul searching, decisions, fear, and excitement.  It’s been a ride to say the least!  But, isn’t that what life is about?  Recognizing the things in your life that no longer serve you, and getting outside of your comfort zone, growing, and experiencing the best this life has to offer?

I refuse to be less than happy.  And, I refuse to feel stuck doing things I don’t like doing.  I’d rather be challenged and temporarily uncomfortable than deal with a life that is less than what I desire.  I’d rather stretch myself and aim for big goals and a better future for myself and my family.

A little RECAP:
My journey with network marketing started in 2012.  I built personal belief in the network marketing profession, unlimited income potential, and the idea of building a cash flowing asset.  I got a taste of residual income and freedom.  I left that company for many reasons – basically the same reasons everyone else is currently leaving the same company – that’s an entirely different story. (Why I Left – Blog Post)

I was mentally and emotionally drained after leaving that company.  I was continuously told to “work harder”, “do more”, and income was still going down.   I won’t go into the issues of the company, but I’ll just say…I’m hearing the same story over and over and over from people who are still stuck in that company.  Working SO much, doing so many non-income producing activities like multiple groups, workout videos, meal planning, etc – and no time to LIVE life.  To me, wealth is measured in freedom of TIME, and I was craving simplicity in my life – which leads me to my next venture…

Craving Simplicity
What is more simple than wine, right? 😉  And, it was a simple business…but, I found myself missing something in my heart.  I felt empty inside.  I had impacted people’s lives for 5 years, and I never realized how much purpose that gave me.  I found myself praying to God asking, “What is my purpose?”.  Although I loved impacting lives, I knew my last company wasn’t my purpose, because when I left, I felt relieved – like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  I am still a part of the wine business.  I do think it’s perfect for realtors who gift wine (like us!), wine lovers who love to try new wines each month from all over the world, and corporate and compliance have been amazing to me and have always treated me with respect – and, they still do.  Wine and promoting wine on social media wasn’t my passion, but it is a great business, and we are making a residual income from it.  I am still there for my team when they need me, and I still have people reaching out to me because “Wine” is on my blog <3  I haven’t quit the wine business – I see no reason to as I’m a huge believer in multiple streams of income.  I’m just not actively promoting it outside of my blog – unless I have realtor or wine lover friends who I think would love it!

What do I Truly want?
I started to do some soul-searching…is network marketing for me?  It was an internal struggle – I wasn’t sure what I wanted anymore.  Once you get a taste of residual, uncapped income, and freedom with your family, how do you decide to do anything else??  I told Nick the only way I’d consider it is if the right opportunity came around with a product I would personally use and love – and, definitely NOT in the wellness field.  It would have to be significant to get my attention.  And, honestly, as a person who preaches open-mindedness, I wasn’t feeling too openminded.  I actually felt quite resistant.

My Current (and Last) Venture – aka my HOME.
It all started when a girl I didn’t know reached out to me early in December on Facebook.  She wanted me to hear about her “opportunity”.  When I found out it was a wellness business, I blew off her messages – like, NOPE!  But, she was persistent with her follow up, and I’m glad she was.

I was having a weak moment one day when Nick was doing an open house on the weekend and I was home with the kids.  I was packing them up to bring them to the park so I could get some sanity while they ran off energy…and, the girl messaged me, “Hey…do you have 15 min?”.  She caught me at the perfect time; I told her I’d hear her out.  And, I sat at the park for an hour while the kids played just talking to her.  I connected with her on so many levels, and she spoke life into me.  She was a complete stranger, yet I found myself telling her the things I only tell my husband, my best friend, or my mom and sis.  She completely changed my current mindset and outlook on network marketing – she showed me how this business is different than anything I’ve done.  The past is definitely something I had zero interest in repeating.  She explained the new company, and I told her I’d NEVER do wellness again.  We realized that I, along with many other coaches, had BB PTSD.  But, her facts and points about this business and where they were going with the company had me really intrigued:  patented nutraceutical products that work, a panel of doctors and scientists to back the products, a CEO that has brought 2 other companies to billion dollar companies, a comp plan that pays more than any comp plan in network marketing (67% gross company revenue), and many other reasons I mentioned in my Facebook post.  I saw myself growing exponentially through their development program and business school.  Because of timing and not wanting to miss out on the chance to join the beginning of a future billion dollar company in a trillion dollar health industry, I signed up on 12/11.  I tried to find EVERY reason NOT to do it – honestly, if you saw the type of research I did and questions I asked, you’d think I was crazy lol!!  But, I just wanted to be 100% sure.

After trying the products and falling in love with them, I finally told the world on 12/30 – it took me that long to decide.  And, it’s everything I didn’t know I was missing.  I’m truly happy.  I feel like I have a purpose in helping people and a future with a prospering company.

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What this Journey has taught me:

When you feel resistance in your life, it’s God’s way of teaching you something and/or pointing you in a different direction.  When God opens a door…and you say “YES”….everything else falls into place.

xo – Lindsey

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